Middle GA Locksmiths is the go-to residential locksmith company for homeowners. We can replace high-grade key and lock hardware doors in any house or condo, and provide you with secure-keys that cannot be duplicated without your consent.

Lockout Services

The employees at Middle GA Locksmiths are thoroughly trained and experienced, and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our locksmiths will be dispatched within 20 minutes of your call to us. We serve every part of Macon, no matter what the emergency is, or what the weather conditions are.

Middle GA Locksmiths‘s emergency lockout services provide solutions for those locked out of their houses and apartments. We can also re-key existing locks, and have your locks changed on the spot.

  • Home Lockout
  • Locks Re-Keyed
  • Keyless Entry
  • High Security Locks
  • Garage Door
  • Lock Replacement/Repair
  • Mailbox
  • Key Extraction
  • Peephole Installation
  • Patio Door

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Home Security

When it comes to higher security lock installation in your home, consider using keyless entry locks, which eliminate the need to carry keys with you! Keyless locks eliminate problems like losing your keys, hiding spare keys and getting locked out of your own home. Keyless entry locks offer everyone in your family their own code, so you know exactly who is coming in and out of your home at precise times. Temporary codes are also available for short-term house guests.

Replacement & Duplication

Middle GA Locksmiths can duplicate any key with multiple variations. We also keep a wide variety of quality lock replacements to suit your needs. Our locksmith technicians provide a guarantee on all parts and labor. Middle GA Locksmiths maintains affordable key duplication and lock replacement rates without sacrificing customer service, or our commitment to punctuality. Middle GA Locksmiths can remove traditional locks and replace them with keyless electronic locks in your home, so that all doors are locked from a security panel, smartphone or tablet.

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